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What you need to know

Terms & Conditions

  1. Photo's on the website depict the layout of a picnic theme. However, your actual picnic setting details may vary.

  2. Please be respectful of your picnic reservation by being on time. All picnics have a 2 hour duration. Picnics CANNOT extend beyond your reserved time. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys their reservations.

  3. You are responsible in the rental of all La'Breeze Luxury Picnics Items until we return and pickup. If you should need to leave the picnic site early, you must give a 30 minute notice via phone or text.

  4. All picnic items are being rented by you and must be returned undamaged. Any damages done, you are solely responsible for. You are responsible for the cost of replacement items and professional cleaning that may be needed.

  5. All of La'Breeze Luxury picnics do not come with food. All food is outsourced through local vendors. Therefore La'Breeze Luxury Picnics is not responsible for any illness due to these third-party local vendors.

  6. Wine is not provided and RED wine is not permitted as it will stain picnic settings. However, if the premises permits and all in your party are 21 years and older, you may bring a bottle of white wine. You agree that La'Breeze Luxury Picnics is not liable for any incidents that may occur from the usage of alcohol.

  7. CONFETTI IS NOT PERMITTED! Public parks prohibit confetti as it is deemed littering, and can carry a fine. If we find confetti during clean up of your picnic area, you will be charged a $200.00 non refundable clean up fee.

  8. Cancellation Policy: WE DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS. If you must cancel for any other reasons other than the weather, you will have 48 hours from the start of your picnic reservation to reserve another date. We will do our best to accommodate your date and time change (based on calendar availability). However, your date and time change is not a guarantee until your reservation is confirmed. If you cancel and do not reschedule your reservation within 48 hours, the booking process will start over and another deposit will have to be paid.

  9. Weather Cancellation Policy: We will setup your luxury picnic unless you confirm to cancel via, phone, text or email

  10. A copy of certain terms are reiterated on your invoice once your reservation is booked and paid for. Once payment is made that is confirmation that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of La'Breeze Luxury Picnics and they have been read and understood.

Address: North Raleigh, NC, 27616

Phone: +(984) 664-0508